Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Is Your Face Supposed to Be Doing That?

I am molting.

A month and a half ago, suddenly horrified by the reality of being 33 years old with baby wrinkles, dry spots, and occasional breakouts, I ran screaming to an Upper East Side dermatologist and dropped an unholy sum on exactly three products. She also wrote me a prescription for Retin-A.

So apparently the way Retin-A works is to induce your skin to shed itself. This is every bit as sexy as it sounds. My skin has been flaking and peeling like a bad paint job. I was kind of secretly hoping that no one else had noticed, until the other day when Allen touched my scaly cheek worriedly and said, "Baby... is your face supposed to be doing that?"

I think those are words nobody ever wants to hear their partner say. Lucky me.


  1. Bahahaha!!!! And he's still marrying you, eh? Good man. ;)

  2. He is. He also sends me cat photos when I am upset. But my face is seriously gross. In theory it should chill out soon... Until then, I am Slough Monster.