Thursday, April 25, 2013

I Haz Agent! Wheeeeeee!!!

the Gato loves spring.

So, friends, it's official: I have accepted representation with the charming and brilliant Meredith Kaffel of DeFiore & Co. Things actually turned out so that I had the extraordinary privilege of receiving offers from three excellent agents, but the nature of the beast demanded that I choose only one, and I am utterly thrilled to be working with Meredith.

It's such a relief to have the agent-hunt process over with. There are a lot of things I'm looking forward to doing again, now that I've unbuckled my seatbelt and stumbled, dizzy, out of my seat on the old query roller coaster:
  1. Going for a run outside in the sunshine--I might even do it without sunscreen, seeing as my doctor just discovered I have the vitamin D level of an Icelandic vampire
  2. Exercising, period
  3. Cooking a real dinner instead of inhaling my usual helping of Chipotle and self-loathing
  4. Contributing to cleaning my apartment in a more meaningful way than just placing a wine glass in the dishwasher
  5. Being willing to get up early enough to spend a few minutes spackling concealer onto my under-eye circles
  6. Buying drinks for all my friends and family who endured two months of my mood veering madly between despondence and euphoria
  7. Buying them all MORE drinks... and chocolate, and Valium, and unnecessarily expensive body lotion, to bribe them into continuing to put up with me while the book is out on submission
  8. Planning a weekend visit to the location of my second book: a research trip on which my girlfriends *just happen* to be joining me
  9. And, of course, pre-submission revisions. But revisions don't stress me out--it's just writing. Making the book even better. Revisions are a bubble massage in a Turkish hammam compared to querying.
So, it's going to be a great spring, and a great summer. Signing with Meredith is certainly more of a first step than a last one, but it's a BIG first one, and I couldn't have gotten here without the support and patience of everybody I love. You know who you are--thank you, and I love you.

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