Wednesday, August 7, 2013


After an emotionally taxing month, during which my requests for advice on how to cope with the stress of submission kept being met with suggestions to drink heavilyand, might I add, my protests that I couldn't drink during my workday kept being met with naked derisionI am thrilled to smithereens to announce that my first novel has found a home. NAILING IT, along with a to-be-determined second novel, will be published by Ballantine Books, with the wonderful Kara Cesare editing. Publication dates are still TBD, but look likely to be spring/summer of 2015 and 2016.

So what exactly is it that you've got to look forward to? Well, the book is women’s fiction with a love story at its heart… all set against a backdrop of HGTV-style renovation-porn. It's the story of a female architect too afraid to architect her own happiness, and of all wrong plans we draw up first in our attempts to buildfor ourselvesa grown-up sense of home. 

Or, in the words of the deal announcement at Publishers Marketplace,

Brooklyn interior designer Bethany Chase's debut NAILING IT, about a young female architect in Austin, TX, happy in work and love and who thinks she's nailed the blueprint to the perfect life until a heartbreaking old flame waltzes back into town - and hires her to gut renovate his new house, to Kara Cesare at Ballantine, at auction, in a two-book deal, by Meredith Kaffel at DeFiore and Company (World).
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And so, in other words, friends... WATCH THIS SPACE!


  1. Ballantine?! That's big leagues, Baby. Mazel mazel, my talented friend!!

  2. *ahem*


  3. Nice work, kiddo! And may I say I love the "gut renovation" metaphor. We could all use one of those.